10 Hilarious Pictures Showing How Much Dogs And Humans Look Like

As intelligent and intellectual we might feel as humans, deep inside we are nothing more than an animal just like the rest of them. The big difference is that we are superior and more developed then all of them. But sometimes the resemblance is obvious.
Here we have 10 hilarious photos of animals in which we find a resemblance with. Take a look!

#1 Trying to avoid an awkward run-in.

#2 When you don’t feel like talking or being seen by other people in the house.

#3 Seriously! That is what you consider as funny?

#4 Where did the years went by huh… So true!

#5  The most annoying thing ever.

#6 When you finally have some time to relax and than remember it is sun day night.

#7 Parents trying to use smartphones and be cool.

#8 I told you so didn’t I?

#9 Hating yourself for the last night actions.

#10 How do they do it, to look so perfect on every video…