There is nothing worse for a pet owner than losing his dog. And all happens in a fraction of a second. One head turn, one distraction and the next thing you know is that your dog has gone missing.

On one way dogs get distracted very easily by a certain smell, object or other animals. They are very curios by nature and we can not blame them for that.

But we can not help but worry sick about their well being when we don’t know where have they gone and how are they doing. Especially for a domestic dog, the real world can be very scary and dangerous.

As true as it is that dogs get out all the time, lucky for us there are a lot of qualified people nowadays that can help worried dog owners find their beloved pet as son as people. Among those people we can mention police officers, dog trainers, trained dog rescuers and even ordinary people that offer to help with as much as they can.

The best thing to do is avoid panic and follow this 10 steps to raise the chances of getting your pooch back within 12 hours.

#1 If you act straight away after you see he is missing, chances are you will find him somewhere near. When you start looking actively immediately, make calls and wave treats around, you have 89% more chances to find your lost dog within 12 hours.

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