Alaskan Malamute breed

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  1. please advise me about raising a husky puppy i just got him and i’m not so familiar with this type of dogs so please i need your advise how to raise him and how to understand him ASAP because i love him so so much and i’m kinda lost with him so please i need your fast answer

    • We just bought/rescued three of these beautiful babies…..from a man who had no business breeding in the first place.
      We got them home, took them off of the cheap dog food as he said he mixed this cheap dog food with (cows milk) NOT supposed to have cows milk..diarrhea was insane! We took them to the Vet to check 4 PARVO thank GOD they didn’t have it…
      Our Vet. tested them for all kinds of things, worms, etc. dehydration etc. So they were all put on antibiotics, Digestive Enzymes, and Probiotics. Along with all of this going on we bought 100% pure pumpkin to add in their food for the diarrhea and as well EN Canned puppy food. This all took place in their tiny 6 week old life <3 <3 <3
      Now HAPPY to say 10 1/2 weeks old, they are thriving, healthy, had all of their shots, and are getting GIANT already about 25 pounds each.
      We feed them NON grain kibble with real chicken, pumpkin , squash and pumpkin in the ingredients (NO GRAINS). Natures Recipe (they LOVE IT)!!!!!

  2. I really enjoy this site because it is so cute & fun to go through.

    But if anything has made me STOP READING, its the massive grammatical issues that plague this Article. AND IM NOT EVEN A GRAMMER NAZI.

    “healthy Alaskan Malamute can conscious as long as 15 years. ”

    “Alaskan Malamutes dependence daily brushing.”

    THATS ONLY PG 3 and not all examples.

    Pg1 is the worst

  3. Also do puppy classes. .I had great results taking lillie my husky at a year and a half years old. ..and she is awesome walking by my side sits when I stop and when people walk by. .just amazing. ..enjoy