For all of you who don’t know this PETA has a special program form “backyard dogs”. Every-week fieldworkers visit these dogs, and they offer them free doghouses, straw bedding for harsh wintertimes, recting tarps to shade them from the summer sun; refilling empty water bowls; treating them for fleas, flystrike, and internal parasites; and providing them with low—or no—cost spay/neuter surgeries as well as food, toys, and treats. This story is about a dog who was chained down, and she couldn’t release herself. In the pictures below you will find out what happened with the Australian Shepherd named Athena!

This is how the fieldworker of PETA found Athena in her backyard! “Heather Johnson  thought the dog’s leg was broken: Athena’s tether was wrapped so tightly around her hind leg that it was painfully swollen. Heather had stopped by the home in rural North Carolina on one of her regular visits to the area to check on the beautiful Australian shepherd mix who was tied up in the backyard.”




  1. Chaining is illegal in NC so why was the dog not removed from this home? ..You then say Athena was “tethered” which is not a chain.I also am still looking for that JUNK pile you mentioned.Two toys would not qualify as “junk”.It seems you exaggerated the conditions quite a bit so your believability is very much in question.I also am curious how you were on these peoples property..did you have a warrant?..I love dogs and all animals but because of ridiculous unbelievable stories like this you lose credibility for any good you might really do.It is not hard to believe the bad things people say about PETA if this is the best story you can come up with…