10 Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Dogs In Their Lives

We all know about those dads that forbid their children to bring pets at home. At first they might seem harsh, cruel and cold for denying their children a puppy to take care of and grow with but they sure have their own reasons for that.
While some might really dislike animals others fear that they kids will treat the pup as a toy and will get bored of it with time until they forget about their pup. Even grown ups and dads love pups probably as much as their children do.

Even the stubborn ones that keep saying how much they dislike dogs, when they find themselves in a living situation with them, them soften within days. Some even create a special bond and spend a considerable amount of time with the pups. And these are exactly the same dads that refused to bring a dog to their household.

Life finds her way to surprise us in million different ways….This happens to be one of them. If you are struggling to convince your family members show them this article, perhaps will make them think their decision twice.

#1 The same dad that refused to bring a dog at home, lol.

#2 This dad did not want to take a dog at first and then, this picture was found on his wallet.