7 Dog Breeds That Need The Most Attention

Dogs are made to leave in packs and socialize with their kind as well as with humans. But not all of them need the same attention or dependence as others. Some breeds are made to be cuddled and loved while others are more independent by nature and enjoy their freedom.
Here are 7 dog breeds that are a little more dependent on humans compared to others.

#1 The Australian Shepherd- this breed has been used and is used still as a stock dogs, in farms or even in competitive herding sports. They are intelligent and driven dogs but when being left for a long period of time alone they might suffer from separation anxiety.

#2 Labrador Retriever- they are widely known for being very friendly and sweet dogs. They were bred to be used as hunting dogs, therefore they are used being around humans most of their time.  Even though nowadays many Labrador’s are kept and adopted for companionship, human interaction is a must for them. They get depressed if left alone that is why they are a great choice for service dogs, being 24/7 beside a human.