This Guy Changes The Shapes Of Animals Into Cubes And Here It Is How They Look Now

Anicube or said otherwise Animal Cube is a visualization of some animals in cubical shapes. A curios guy from Indonesia, whom likes  cubical shapes and thought it was worth giving this project a try.
As he worked on it, his curiosity about the results grew as did his fear if they would turned out to be nicer than the original shape. And this is how Anicube developed.

The pictures of the animals were found on Unsplash and Pixabay. When the collecting phase was over he started working with Photoshop. He used Liquify (Shift+Command+X) to turn the animals body shape into a cube.

Once the work was done, he went ahead and posted them on Instagram. The final result turned out to be quite funny and because of it got many likes and went viral.

Here are some of the Anicube pictures that became popular in a blink of an eye.