Guy Surprised to Find Two Foxes On His Roof, Then He Realizes How They Got There

This couple was astounded when they sow two foxes on the roof top after opening the blinds of the house, but they could not help but wonder, how they got there. Having a look on the surroundings of the house, it was clear that the excessive snow had put on layers, reaching up to 4 feet. And so the mystery was solved since they figured out that the foxes used the the snow layers as stairs up to the roof top.
The pictures are as beautiful as they are comical because one can see the foxes curling up their bushes to stay worm as they get ready for their nap.

Red foxes are quite popular in some areas in America, such as Colorado, the location where the story takes place. For some reason they are thought to be dangerous but mostly they are not aggressive at all as long as no one bothers them. These foxes feel like home around human habitat as we can already imagine since they keep showing up like these pair on the roof top.

From the pictures looks like they are quite comfortable over there, therefore we can only wish them a safe trip back to their home, the wild.