Meet Thorn and Odi Two Of The Direwolves From “Game Of Thrones”

Movies featuring animals are countless since the actors participating in them are not always only humans. And some of them, like the famous dogs on ‘Game of Thrones’ are excellent actors. If you happen to see the series, and I bet you are since they have gained a lot of popularity from their beginnings up to now. And even if you aren’t at least a member in the family is watching them.
Since the beginning, in season one, one can not help but notice the beautiful dogs named Summer and Grey Wind, that play the Direwolves and were taken in by the Starks. One of the many things fans loved about the dogs and the show was that they were actually real.

Scroll down below to have a pick at the real life and the daily activities of these two famous dogs.

Say Hello to Thorn and Odi, the two Northern Inuit dogs that became famous.

They live their life on the spotlight since they happen to star on one of the most popular television series.