What is a Siberian Husky?

#1- Summary:

Siberian huskies first originated in Siberia, Russia. This dog was first developed by the Chukchi tribes in Siberia, and at first it was just a hard working kind of dog, that was used to pull heavy sleds for long distances. The usage of these dogs since half a million years ago in places with temperature below 0, and the long rides these dogs had to take, made their breed famous all over the world. Shortly they were used by the U.S Army’s arctic search and rescue efforts during World War II. Their good performance was the reason why they were constantly used from the U.S Army’ arctic search-and rescue efforts even after the World War II was over. Nowadays they still remain one of the best sled dogs, which are capable to win races because of their energy and power. Furthermore they are incredible pets, and great around people. According to American Kennel Club Siberian Husky ranks the 18th among best human companions.

Image SourceHusky History, old pictures