10 Transparent Animals That Are Hard To Believe They Are Real

If you thought that see-through animals exist only in animated movies, you will think very differently after you’ll see these 10 real life translucent animals.

One has to concentrate in order to notice them cause at times they might be right in front of us and we don’t see them. Scrolling down below you will notice that most of them are sea creatures and there is a simple explanation for that.

Two words ‘Self Preservation’. As scientist say, those ocean animals that do not have teeth, toxins, speed etc to use as their shield will have some degree of invisibility. Enjoy 10 mesmerizing transparent creatures by scrolling down the list below.

#1 The Glasswinged Butterfly is a brush footed butterfly. Her translucent wings come from the low absorption of the visible light, by the material itself that constitutes the wings as well as from the low reflection of the light on the wings surface.

#2 Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish is found in a wide range of water and are widely kept as aquarium fish. They come from the same species as the famous Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ movie. Crazy, huh!