Time after time we read/hear stories of different animals who blend in another species and feel like they belong in there. This time we are talking about a baby pig, who instead of staying with his other fellow pigs, decided to join the gang of three puppies. The pig named Olive thinks she is a dog by now because she was raised with three puppies, and by now she acts just like they do. Being with the puppy pack doesn’t bother Olive at all. On the contrary she strongly believes that this is where she belongs. She might look like a cute adorable pig, but on the inside she is just another puppy.

Allow me to introduce you to the most amazing squad you will watch in a very very long time. These four are the best of friends, and they go everywhere together. 

For Olive, life at the Child’s farm is just a never ending adventure. She gets to enjoy every little thing in life, while having friends like Tally the English bulldog. 

Olive & Tilly on a beautiful Autumn afternoon ??all the babies love to run around crazy as the sun goes down #pig #britishbulldog #australia

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