A holistic pet food brand named Edgar & Cooper delivered toys, wholesome foods, blankets and even festive bandanas as gifts to homeless people for Christmas.

The idea of capturing the beautiful friendship that exists between a dog and a human was given by Ursula Aitchison. The project focused mainly on the special bond there is between homeless people and their hounds. We believe that a bond like that is even stronger and deeper than the one a owner has with his pet.

They share their struggles to survive another day together and lay on each other for comfort. What can be deeper than that.

Here are the moments captured in photographs of homeless people beside their dogs.

#1 Sam & Princess –have been surviving together on the streets fro five years now. The pooch has protected Sam from violent attacks. Although she has to show her hostile side at times just to be safe, the truth is that she is a very friendly, gentle dog.

#2 Donna & Tyson – This duo has been homeless for 6 months. It broke our hearts to hear that Donas main concern at the end of the day is that Tyson has had enough food to eat. When he first saw the package with the gifts he stepped backwards but as soon as he sniffed the smell of the box he knew it was for him and jumped right into their arms showing appreciation for the given gift.

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