Lionel Messi and his children surprised Antonela Roccuzzo on Mother’s Day in Spain

Labor Day falls on May 1st, which is also Mother’s Day in Spain. After Lionel Messi’s promise to PSG was fulfilled last Friday, he found the Messi family recuperating in Barcelona (3-3 draw against Racing Strasbourg). As a result, the Argentine star, as well as the couple’s children (Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro), did not want to miss the chance to pay tribute to Antonela Roccuzzo. When the entrepreneur awoke, she was greeted with a lovely surprise.

The little ones and the striker flooded the room with balloons with the phrase “happy day mommy” in their home in Casteldefels. Antonela recorded that image in a tale she shared on her Instagram account. She captioned the shot, “Happy always with you, I love you.” She also gave her spouse a wink. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she said, seizing the albiceleste team’s 34-year-old captain.

PSG has three dates remaining to finish Ligue 1 and go on holiday after winning champions early in the season. On the next day of the French competition, on Sunday the 8th, they will host Troyes. They will conclude the match by traveling to Montpellier to face Metz.

The Parisian cast’s competition year did not measure up to the expectations of the team it created. Due to a variety of factors (most notably, injuries), Messi, Neymar, and Mbappé did not begin to perform until the last months of the season. Along the way, the club’s owners were obsessed with the French Cup and the Champions League.

At the same time, criticism fell on La Pulga (despite, for example, being the team’s top assistant), which coach Mauricio Pochettino repelled in the last few hours. “Judging Messi in this way is unfair,” he assured in an interview that he gave to Europe 1 and added: “I have no doubt about its quality. He is talented enough to do what he must and will do. Next season will be totally different for him.”

PSG has signed both the coach and Messi to a contract that runs until the middle of 2023. Everything points to the attacker continuing his onslaught, while the bag’s fate remains unknown. The unknown also affects what kind of team the powerful institution will field, given that it’s unclear whether Kylian Mbappé will renew his contract (which Real Madrid expects to do) or what will happen to Neymar, who has been tagged as “for sale” by various European publications.

In the meantime, the Flea relaxes with his family. And she concentrates on the big goal that remains unfulfilled: winning the World Cup with the Argentine team after winning the Copa América title in mid-2021.
In the world of football, there is a surprise: Next season, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi could play together. Instead of Messi, he kicked Barcelona’s free kicks, and he now works in maintenance and plays in Spain’s Fifth Division.

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