This Rare “Goth Chicken” Is 100% Black From Its Feathers To Its Internal Organs And Bones

This is one of the rarest species I have ever seen. As one sees the black chicken below, many might think that it must be Photoshopped or perhaps painted with some kind of paint but no.
What you see actually exists and its scientific name is Ayam Cemani. Is a black chicken originated from Indonesia. And the most interesting part of this mysterious specie is that even her internals are black. Crazy right!

It is almost imaginable to think that every single part of this unique birds body from the outside as well as the inside are complete black. These is called by a condition ‘fibromelanosis’ which causes melanin to sleep into their tissue. It is completely harmless to the health and just causes what are known as inky organs.

The process explained above happens when first the embryo is formed. The result are these cute dark black Ayam Cemani birds.

They are an inspiration for the Javanese folklore, dating since the 12th century. Back in that time they were seen and treated as an elite bird. They thought that the black blood which was actually cured due to the presence of charcoal in it, it was actually a delicacy of spirits considering them as a good luck charm.