10 Funny Pics Showing Everyday Life As Told By Animal Gifs

Life as told by animal gifs is so much fun to read. Being an adult is not that fun after all. Even though as kids we wanted so bad to grow up and be independent I’ll have to admit, it was not a good idea. All we wish for now, is to get back in time and be kids again. It is fun being free, and living your life on your own terms. Best feeling ever.

Let us laugh a little at ourselves, paralleling human behavior through animal gifs. Hope you enjoy the following gifs and if you think they are worth watching, then do not hesitate to share. After all we are selfish beings and no matter how hard we try to behave, we will show our true colors. By this I mean that these animals best describe the way we feel at certain moments. With that said let’s enjoy the mocking humor towards our person.

Life As Told By Animal Gifs

#1- My friends: don’t fall in love with her. Me falling in love with everyone. 

Life As Told By Animal Gifs

#2- Being an adult means not enjoying the weekend because you have to prepare for the crazy busy week you have ahead. 

Life As Told By Animal Gifs
#3- When you realize that you can’t pretend to be sick in order to avoid all your responsibilities because your mom is not there to help you out anymore. 

Life As Told By Animal Gifs

#4- When you look back and ask yourself where did all the fun, carefree years go. 

Life As Told By Animal Gifs
#5- Walking with my bestie 

#6- Short people problems lol

Life As Told By Animal Gifs

#7- When mom says that you have been a good boy 


#8- Having a busy week be like 

9- When you realize that life is not a movie 

10- When you finally realize that you have to do it all on your own… 

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