10 Hilarious Dogs Trying Some Ninja Skills On Landing Some Food

I find it very funny the fact that dogs would eat anything and everything that comes in their way. Is like they have no breaks when it comes to food.
Although they might just have eaten their meal, they will act like they have been starving for 3 days in a row after seeing you eating or preparing something. Despite this reaction they have mastered some pretty good ninja skills on how to score some food. And the perfect moment to caught them in the act is when you leave the room and they think they are left all alone.

#1 Mmm how come everything tastes better when it is eaten right from the pot, or in this case from the toaster.


#2 Woww I have to check what are inside this grocery bags…For sure they have thought bringing me some kind of delicious treat.


#3 Almost…If I just reach just a little bit more this slice is mine..Common buddy you can do this!


#4 Yummy…this was mouthwatering! I just can not stop licking this until there is nothing left, that is how good it was.


#5 I am jut being nice and asking you for permission to eat these, but truth be told I plan to munch on them regardless of your answer.


#6 I know I can do this…It requires a little bit of effort but oh boy is it worth it!


#7 Hmm…what do we have here?


#8 Oh my…Sweet, creamy, filling Cinnabuns! I deserve one since I have behaved so well lately.


#9 Yeap you are almost there…Your ninja skills are definitely paying off!


#10 Well well…what has mummy prepared for dinner tonight?


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