10 useful clues for anyone who wants to understand dogs better

I believe that any dog owner wishes to understand his pup better so that he can be there for whatever his pooch needs. But sometimes that becomes quite difficult since dogs can not talk. Here where body language comes in and these 10 illustrations will hopefully help you understand dogs better.

#1 When dogs wag their tail down that means they are confused and are looking for you to direct them.

#2 On the other hand, when a dogs tail is raised and tremors slightly than you are up for a challenge cause he is practically considering himself to be in charge of the situation.

#3 And when his tail is tucked between his legs that means that he is scared or even uncomfortable for some reason.

#4 About the eyes, when they are wide open means that your pet is looking for some attention.

#5 When dogs blink and squint get ready for playtime.

#6 Ah the ears. When your dog is in a new environment or perhaps curious about something his ears stand straight up or even a little bit forward.

#7 While when dogs are scared they tuck their ears flattened against their head. Sometimes might be even just the left ear. This is just how their body reacts when their are afraid or around unfamiliar people.

#8 Yawning…tells you that your dog is nervous or grumpy. You might see this more often among puppies when they are around big dogs.

#9 While the face licking happens when he’s stressed, feels in danger or some kind of pressure.

#10 When you dog rolls over and shows his belly means that he trusts you and wants to please you.

What do you think?

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