9 Times dogs act like total jerks!

There is no doubt that dogs are difficult to manage sometimes. They are rebels, and act just how they please. It doesn’t matter how much you train them, if they feel like living life their own way, they will do so. Don’t get mad, but it is true that our loyal, sweet friends can actually be total jerks sometimes. If you don’t believe what I am saying then you better take a look at these ten gif-s listed below.

#1- Looks like this sweet lady is located in a dog shelter. Unfortunately the dogs did not welcomed her in the proper way. Or maybe this is their way of saying HI to new guests in the building!


#2- This little puppy is just not very comfortable with the idea of sharing his own bed. In this case being a total jerk is the way to show this baby that friendship has a few limits!


#3- Never forget to pay attention to your canine. They became very jealous when you “forget” about them. So if you ever receive a slap in your face from your dog, don’t get surprised!


#4- Maybe he wanted to help, but didn’t quiet understand how to! I bet it was not in this Akita’s plan to drown his human.


#5- Excuse him if he is being a total jerk. He loves beer so he doesn’t want to share it with anyone. If you don’t bother this little dude, then he might share a Bud Light with you latter on!


#6- Dogs sometimes are total jerks for a reason. Take a look at this for example. He just wanted to save this little fella some extra unneeded calories. This dog is a hero in fact, lets look at it this way!


#7- “Ruuuuuuuun fasttttttttt. I think I saw a scary snake in the bushes!”


#8- “There is no way my parents are getting mail today. I will just eat it instantly!”

jerk 7

#9- These two are definitely being total jerks. If the baby wants to play on his own, then let the baby play man!


#10- “No I don’t like it when you act weird.”


What do you think?

If these animals made it, then you can too!

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