He bought her a puppy, but she never imagined what was coming next… OMG

Listen up people: If you are thinking of proposing to your special someone then you might wanna take a look at the following story. This is a sweet story of someone who decided to propose to his special lady in such a special way. It was really low-key, but yet romantic and beautiful here is how the story goes:

He took his girlfriend for a walk into the woods, and said that he had a surprise for her. Little did she know what was there waiting for her.



She was tied up to the stool because she had to wait for her family to come and pick her up. 

Once they arrived, the girl was absolutely thrilled by what she saw. Her boyfriend got her a German Shepherd, and she is absolutely loving it. 


They both started petting their new addition, and AVA looks truly grateful to her daddy for making her part of the family. 

Shortly, the girl realizes that someone is right behind the bushes taking pictures of them. 


That is when her boyfriend asks her to grab what was attached at Ava’s collar. The girl does so. Little did she know what was coming next. 

She sees an engagement ring, and truly can’t hide her excitement. She just stand there astonished. 


Then the moment comes. Her boyfriend gets in one knee and proposes. What did she say???

She said yes Of course. Then they kiss, and Ava is witnessing the greatest moment of her parent’s life. 


Like we were all expecting, this is the family portret after that wonderful surprise. Not only is the girl walking home with a diamond in her finger, but she is also walking with a best friend for life by her side.  Congratulations to the couple, and we wish the three of you a lifetime of happiness!!! 


Source: Viralnova

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