8 Cancer Causing Dog Products (And How to Avoid Them)

Same as humans, pets can suffer from a varies of diseases too. For that reason it is our duty at pet parents to take care of them the best way I know how and to be attentive if they start showing any sign that is not normal in their daily activities.

A responsible adoptive pet parent would make sure to feed his dog the best quality food, keep him active and also take him on regular check-ups at the vet. Upon all this we should be careful with the products we chose to use on our pets cause there are some of them that can be harmful and even cause cancer.

From the studies made it is a fact now that certain dog breeds are more prone to get cancer as they get older than others. But despite of the breed there are as well environmental causes that lead to cancer. At least the products and materials we use around our dogs can be easily avoided.

If you are clueless on where to begin from, we come to your rescue with a list of 8 cancer-causing dog products. Although aside from this list you should research any kind of packed dog product before you buy it. Also make sure to check on the products you already have at home, and if there is any cancer causing ingredient on them through it away.

Keep in mind this question when you wonder if you should or not buy a certain product:

  • What materials are they made out of?
  • Where are the materials sourced from?
  • Who manufactures these dog products and how?
  • What reputation does the company has?
  • How many recalls did the company/products had before?

When you go shopping for dog products, look for brands that use natural ingredients, read reviews and ask your vet too for any recommendation.

Cancer Causing Dog Products
8 Cancer Causing Dog Products

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#1 Ethoxyquin- It is widely known now that any product with an extended life shelf has some kind of preservative. Among them there are some that are consider good while there are others that are known to cause cancer as Ethoxyquin. People that work with this kind of preservative experience blindness, infertility, and cancers such as leukemia.

#2 Tobacco Smoke- Just like smoking tobacco can cause cancer in humans can also have a negative impact on dogs too. Smoking around your dog can potentially lead to lung and oral cancers.  The risk becomes even bigger if your dog ingests ashes or cigarette butts. If you do smoke, minimize it when you are around your pet. Go outside in the porch or even a balcony.

#3 Aflatoxin- Is a very poisonous cancer causing toxin. In fact this toxin is so dangerous that has been banned from certain US states. The trick is that you can not always tell if your dog products contain it just by reading the labels.  Aflatoxin is produced by some type of mold and can cause  irreversible damage to pets. The most common cancer this toxin causes is liver cancer. Be cautious before buying a product from a certain brand look it up online if it contains the toxin.

#4 Laundry Supplies- Yes, almost any kind of laundry supply has harmful ingredients for dogs. Some of them may contain  formaldehyde or other known carcinogens. Maybe they might not be as harmful if ingested in small doses as they are if consumed in high quantities. The best you can do to avoid any unpleasant incidents is to keep them far away from your pets reach.

#5 Blue Dye- Especially blue 1 and blue 2 food coloring are very dangerous for the animals as they can cause brain tumors on animals. It is surprising how there are still dog products that use blue dye since the majority of them contain almost zero food colorings. Make sure to check always the labels and avoid any product that has blue dye coloring.

#6 Flea and Tick Treatments- As they are widely used from dog owners to keep their dogs clear from pests unfortunately is the most common cancer causing product. It is not necessary to use them all year around just as prevention since the excessive use of it can cause serious health problems on dogs. The ingredients used in flea and tick treatments usually cause thyroid cancer. That is why it is important to use this products only during the months pests are more active and in controlled dosages.

#7 Glyphosate- Is a pesticide used in commercial products and also in pesticides for home use. They are more dangerous and unhealthy for the animals than they are for humans. It is extremely dangerous to spray it around your pets food or even on the grass since he/she can ingest it. It can cause mutations on dogs as well as DNA damage.

#8 Vaccines- Of course vaccines are very important for the overall dog health since they protect them from various life threatening diseases. But same as with pests treatments, overdoing it can cause more damages than do any good. Studies have shown that overdoing it can cause cancerous sarcomas. Have a talk with your pets vet to understand better how often should you use vaccines. Better safe than sorry!

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