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10 Canine That Have No Idea How To Use The Dog Bed

Dog Beds

We want the best for our dogs, for that reason we buy the most necessary objects for them, such as the dog bed. Comfortable accommodation is very important when talking about our beloved four-legged. But there is a mismatch of needs at some point. I often see my dogs sleeping everywhere except in their beds. It catches my attention and I ask myself: how is it possible that, that comfortable, warm, soft bed stays empty (or the cat uses it) while the dog sleeps on the floor.

It is hilarious indeed seeing your pup lying on the floor in the middle of the winter instead of using his own personalized bed. We are always trying to do the best for our pets. Buying them chewable toys, fancy outfits, comfortable beds and in the end of the day they don’t even use it.

This is how it should look like. dog beds

You’ll see them more like this instead: dog beds

But there are some things that we humans will never understand because we can not. They know what’s best for them after all.

Dogs that have absolutely no idea on how a dog bed works.

#1 He prefers to relax in this position rather than in his own personalized bed.Dog Bed

#2 Oh you bought that cushy big bed just for me? No thanks, I’m good!Dog Bed

#3 Now this is hilarious…For sure he did not wanted to upset any of the beds by choosing another, lol!

#4 She will be a wonderful mama one day…Dog Bed

#5 Was there a sign that said ‘ Chew me, I am yummy’?Dog Beds

#6 Is that to small for you, is that what you are thinking? Well maybe you are in the wrong bed, have you thought about that buddy…

canine sleeping
image source

#7 The cat knows where is the best place to sleep, unlike you doggo  canine sleeping

#8 There is a big difference.  But  still  they  are  adorable

#9 Floor  is  my  favorite  bedcanine sleeping

#10 Check his huge bad at the background. Sleep well honey canine sleeping

What do you think?

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