Celebrities Who Own Huskies And Are Obsessed With Them

Ben Stiller

Celebrities Who Own Huskies consider them as part of the family. According to our research, here are 10 public figures who own / or have had a husky. 

Coexistence with animals, mainly dogs, brings endless health benefits. Keep allergies away by staying close to your beloved four-legged friends. 

10 celebrities who own huskies

#1- Rita Ora is known for being a huge fan of dogs, especially a fan of Siberian husky. Actually she is owns a white Siberian husky named Bowie. 

Celebrities Who Own A Husky

#2- Danica Sue Patrick is an american auto racing driver.  The most successful woman in open wheel racing, owns a cute Husky.  He’s name is Dallas.

Danica's Sue Patrick Husky

#3 Jared Leto

The actor and musician has stated several times the love he has for huskies. You might have even seen him in his Husky hood before, which only goes to show how much he’s in love with the breed. Either way, we love them both!

Jared Leto Actor with his husky - Celebrities Who Own A Husky
Celebrities Who Own A Husky

#4 Valerie Anne Poxleitner (Lights)

This singer, songwriter from Canada enjoys her time alone with her Siberian Husky.

Celebrities Who Own A Husky
Celebrities Who Own A Husky

#5 Russel Westbrook

Professional basketball player happens to be a husky lover.

Celebrities Who Own A Husky

#6 Ashlan Gorse

The correspondent and entertainment journalist also belongs to the celebrity Siberian Husky owners club and she is proud of it!

Celebrities Who Own A Husky
Celebrities Who Own A Husky

#7 Ben Stiller

Alley is a Siberian Husky dog whom he spends tons of time with.

Ben Stiller

#8 Miley Cyrus

The songwriter, singer and actress also happens to be a big-time husky lover! They were best friends.

Miley Cyrus

#9 Lesley-Ann Brandt

She loves animals and does her best to give them a better life. She rescued two dog

Celebrities Who Own A Husky

#10 Taylor Lautner

Famous People Who Own Siberian Huskies

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