College Student’s Dog Still Waits For Her To Get Off The Bus Every Day

College Student’s Dog Still Waits For Her To Get Off The Bus

Stories like this are like a reminder that dogs are truly the best thing ever. It always amazes me the kind of loyalty and love they have towards their owner.

This is the story of the dog that still waits outside for his owner to come back from school. Until last year she was in high school so the school bus dropped her off in front of her house where her precious pup waited every day. Now at 18 years old she is headed to collage as is no longer living at home.

Although collage is exciting saying goodbye to the ones you love never gets easy. And as the girl said, her dog has never been good at goodbyes. Every time she goes out of the house he gives a look that could literally break your heart.

On Tuesday she got a text from her dad with a picture attached to it. There he was, her precious pup staring out the window at her old school bus, waiting curiously if she would get off and come home like she used to do.

Even though several months have gone by since she parted for collage, the dog has never stopped waiting for her. After getting the text she wrote back ‘Aww, Bo!’.

After tweeting the heartbreaking text, people from all over are reacting to it. The story went viral and touched many people.

Some of them even are begging the girl to drop out and go home to her beloved dog that waits for her.


She said that the first time she went home after leaving for collage, the pup could barely contain him self. He was so excited and kept jumping all over and letting her pet him.

But the good news is that she is heading home for the holidays again and the duo will be reunited.

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