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Dad Tries To Teach New Puppy How To Do Tricks, Funny Video

Dad Tries To Teach New Puppy tricks and how to execute them. Dogs are funny and they require a lot of time to learn manners and tricks.

The big size dog is called Domino and the little one is Shadow. This man tries to teach tricks to the puppy.. but watch what his other dog does! By using a yellow ball he tries to have his attention but Domino includes himself in the training.. Looks like someone is a little jealous. He already know the tricks and is trying to show off so he can have the ball.

Demanding attention and commitment, Domino executes all the commands it hears. But the training in this schedule is for the little one, so that he too can be educated. It takes time for an adult dog to understand this, but his actions are still very hilarious. I invite you to see for yourself to make a further judgment.

dad tries to teach puppy new tricks

They both are adorable dogs. Enjoy and maybe you can learn some ways to teach your own puppy. 

Dad Tries To Teach New Puppy.



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