This Comic Reveals How A Dog Feels Home Alone

Home Alone Husky

The idea of making a couple of drawings illustrating what dogs really fink and feel when their are left alone at home by an american artist.

The illustrations go even in little details to describe even the dogs feeling when are out for just 5 minutes to do so chores. We all know how much dogs love and admire their owner, so in their eyes those 5 minutes are like eternity.

And what happens when ones experiences anxiety…. they are not their self, so even with dogs is the same. If he has messed up the house do not be to harsh on him, is just his way to take your attention after living him all alone.

So maybe what you want to do is put him in a nice, small and quite room somewhere in the house instead of living the entire household in his hands. This has been supported by the experts as they say that all that space can be overwhelming for them sometimes.

Another great idea that will definitely work is leaving behind a piece of cloth like a T-shirt or sweater that you recently wore. This way your dog will feel more calm scenting your smell around the house even when you are not there.

And the last trick is the one that never fails… give him his favorite toy to play with. By playing with it he will lose track of time.

Home Alone

Home Alone

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