Dog saving one year old baby from drowning

This story is terrifying and amazing at the same time and shows how wonderful and full of love are our friends with paws. Its about a house pet named Kesha, in Brazil that saved the life of a one-year-old girl after she was thrown by thieves inside a water tank.

According to the mother’s account, she was returning from church services the night of Tuesday, Sept. 3, with her daughter inside her stroller. Two men were waiting outside the home. The armed men then assaulted her.

The thieves forced the woman into the home and ransacked the place. The little girl was frightened and started to cry and scream.

“One of the man grabbed my daughter out of my hands and took her out of the room where they were holding me. The other man didn’t let me exit the room,” the child’s mother told G1 Globo.

After the perpetrators found no money in the home they fled, but before leaving they threw the little girl inside the home’s water tank. Police believe they did this in an attempt to drown out the child’s cries and leave unnoticed.

The girl’s mother rushed outside to see where the men were headed and if they had her daughter with them, but she could only see the two men in the distance.

Hopefully they had Kesha.She has been the family pet for five years, and is very attached to the toddler, began behaving frantically. The pet kept barking and running from the water tank to the little girl’s mother. It wasn’t until the woman saw Kesha scratching at the water tank that the she decided to look inside.

To the woman’ surprise, her daughter was submerged and semi-conscious, but miraculously the child was revived once pulled from the water.

The thieves were not identified, and police have not been able to locate any man matching their descriptions

Authorities and family members credit Kesha for saving the child’s life. If it wasn’t for her loud barking and the incessant scratching, the baby would have not been found in time to save her from drowning.

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