Funny Husky trying to wake up his buddy

Those who have a Husky dog, already know that Huskies are highly energetic. They like to play all day long because they get easily very bored!

Sometimes Husky owners don’t have just one dog, but two. The reason is because Huskies like to play, and if they have their own buddy time will pass by easily for them! In this video you will see the cutest duo ever. In my opinion the black and white Husky is the youngest one, the most energetic.

This is why he is begging the other Husky dog, to wake up, and ply with him. Apparently the white Husky is sleepy, lazy, and maybe a little bit older than the black and white Husky! Thats why the white Husky is hesitating to wake up. Well with a buddy like that, I would doubt that the white Husky will ever be able to lay down all day, and enjoy itself! Well no matter how annoying the black and white Husky might be for some, to me he is the cutest dog ever! I absolutely love that energetic spirit!

What do you think?

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