This Guy Carried His Husky In A Tot Bag At The Subway To Avoid A Fine

Guy Carried His Husky

The rules in the subways are clear. There are no animals allowed there, the only ones that can go in the subway must be inside a closed container. But there is room for discussion, since they have not specified the size of the animal.

Since people could get away without taking a fine regardless of the animals size, this is what this guy did. He put his big Husky inside a tot bag and carried him on his shoulder in the subway the whole time. Once you see the picture is hard not to laugh at it. It is so hilarious.

And apparently he is not the only person to sneak a big sized dog inside the subway.

Guy Carried His Husky Guy Carried His dog Guy Carried His dog

Guy Carried His dog in a bag Guy Carried His Husky in a bag

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