This is how you can make teeth brushing more fun for your dog!

Dogs love to play, sniff around all day, or go out for walks. But when it comes for them to go to the Vet, get on a diet or get cleaned, they always protest. One of the most less exciting thing for dogs, is to get their teeth cleaned! Brushing their teeth sometimes is almost impossible. Well I want to help all of you to keep your dog’s teeth cleaned, if you follow these 6 easy steps!

1-Make Brushing a Rewarding Game

If you want your dogs to start liking brushing their teeth, then you should start rewarding them right afterwards you are done. Give them a good treat, or take them to the dog park.

2- Switch Up Your Pup’s Food

If you feed your puppy soft food, then it tends to stick to their teeth. Therefore your dog will have a smelly breath, and sticky teeth. Go to the Vet, and ask them for the best food for your dog based on their size, age, and breed!

3- Establish a Consistent Brushing Routine

Dogs love routine, so once you have made teeth brushing a fun game please try to stick to that game. If you don’t have time to make teeth brushing a daily routine, make sure to do it at leaf three times per week!

4-Share Plenty of Chew Toys

Chew toys help to reduce plaque buildup in your dog’s teeth! Nylabones and Greenies, both of which are specifically designed to help freshen your pup’s breath and clean his teeth! Is there any way better to keep your dog’s breath and teeth clean than chew toys?

5- Try easy forms

If you can’t get your dog to like teeth brushing, then try some day ways. Sprays like Dr. George’s, or wipes from DDS that work very well.

6-Make Time for Puppy Kisses

We all love puppy kisses, but try to pay attention when your puppy kisses you. If you smell a bad breath do not hesitate to take your puppy to the Vet for a simple dental check!

Source: Dogvacay

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