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These 10 puppies are ready for winter. And they have gotten the cutest jackets out there

Winter is here, and you better get your thick winter clothes out. Not just for yourself selfish people, don’t forget to get your dogs ready for winter too. I know that some of them don’t really mind the cold temperatures, but still when you take long walks, or when you stay outside for a while they need some protection. If you haven’t gotten anything yet for your dogs, then these dogs and puppies in here can help you  to pick up some fashion, warm, trendy looks. They are all ready for winter, and they are ready to tiss the season.

1- This mother has her whole family buckled up, ready for winter, and ready for some snow fun. How beautiful do they look in there colorful combinations?

ready for winter 8


2- America’s most favorite dog, Boo is ready for winter also. He is rocking a cozy blue jacket. He looks so adorable by the way!

ready for winter7


3- That face doesn’t look very excited about winter, but he sure is ready to face the freezing cold temperatures.

ready for winter6

4- Look at this tiny Yorkshire. How beautiful shed looks in this red and black winter jumpsuit? I guess she is going skiing.

ready for winter5


5- Looks like this is all this big boy needs in winter. I am guessing ice-skating is his favorite sport. Well good for you buddy, I have no idea how to ice-skate.

ready for winter4


6- Pug ready for winter. Looks like that fat protects him pretty well from the cold temperatures. Still a warm hat, and a big scarf is needed. Keep rocking body!

ready for winter3

7- “Mommy can we get out sine now please? It is really hot in here i am feeling a little dizzy!”

ready for winter2

8- “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.”

ready for winter1

9- Winter ready, Christmas ready, Holiday season ready! How much cutter can it get? Seriously!

ready for winter


10- “Nope not feeling anything at all. I am just waiting to get outside and freeze.” 😛ready for winter9

Source: RantPets

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