How to take the best selfie with your dog:

Have you ever struggled to take that perfect selfie with your dog? I have suffered a lot. Every-time i pick up my phone to take a selfie, suddenly my dog gets all hyper. She wants to move all around, lick my face, or she tries to catch the phone. What is it about the phone that makes her go all crazy? In my opinion its the phone. She is not very familiar with our addictive tool, therefore she wants to play with it, or just taste it a little bit! With my little American Eskimo I struggle more than I have ever struggled with other big dog breeds. Loo at Tyson for example, always ready for that shot!

On the other hand look at this selfie gone bad with my baby, Asia.

Asia and I

Now the solution for a good selfie with your dog has finally arrived. A man from Sand Diego named Jason Hernandez has the solution for all of us. Hernandez’s company, Clever Dog Products, is starting a new project called The Pooch selfie, that’s a selfie stick for dogs, and it’s amazing. Their pooch  selfie stick allows you to attach a ball to the top of your phone or camera, which will get the dog’s attention and keep him looking and focused at the camera. This product will be available probably in a year, and it’ll cost almost 13$.



Source: LoveURDogs


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