This Photo Worth A Thousands Words

Let me start this article by saying that service dogs are the best. They help so many disabled people by guiding them, offering they company, basically making them feel normal.
The mother of a young son has been struggling because her child is autistic. For an autistic person it is difficult to have an active social life and make friends. He has gone throw several therapy sessions that help him develop social skills. And despite all the treatments he has received none has been successful. As every other mum, she was very worried about the well being of her child, she shared on a Facebook post the struggle of watching her son fall asleep crying and not being able to do anything for him.

Than while searching for solutions she found an organization that provided service dog for autistic children. The dogs are specifically trained to cope with people suffering from different kinds of autism. They have the capability to show the child the right thing to do and they serve as living tracker as well.

The time passed but finally after the long waiting the young boy was provided with a service dog. Both of them spent the whole day adjusting and getting familiar with each other. These photo is captured at the and of the first day of work between the special dog and the boy.

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