Stray Dog Leads Partying Bachelor Guys To Her 7 Newborns, They Adopt Them All

A group of male friends were celebrating the bachelor party of their dear friend somewhere in a wooden cabin in the woods. While they were having fun, drinking and eating their way through the night, a stray dog approaches the cabins door step out of nowhere.

One of the guys notices the dog and sees that it was a female dog very malnourished. She must have smell the bacon up to the cabin. You could tell immediately that she recently had puppies. And by looking at her it was obvious she had been so food deprived that her milk was running out.


The group followed the dog into the woods, she leaded them in a litter of 7 puppies filled with fleas. They were hidden in a hole and covered in dirt.


Their heart melted seeing the condition these puppies and their mother were.


And this is how a weekend planned for a bachelorette party turned into saving these puppies lives. They took all the puppies with them to the cabin, washed and bought dog food with their beer fund.


They were 8 dogs including the mother and 8 friends gathered there.


These how each man, decided to adopt one dog.


They went from hopeless to happy dogs living in lovely families within 5 miles radius.


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