Vital Tips for Preventing Obesity in Your Dog

Obesity is a medical condition in which the body fat has accumulated to the maximum and it affects our health. Obesity is correlated with a variety of other diseases like heart diseases, 2 types of diabetes, body injuries and also some types of cancer. Obesity is the result of bad nutrition, combination of excessive food, lack of activity and susceptibility.Obesity is a very serious and common problem for dogs also. More than 35 million dogs in US are obese. It is very important to protect our dogs from being obese and keep them in an ideal weight. Here we have 10 tips for preventing Obesity and keeping your dog healthy.

#1 – Get moving
We all know that in order to lose weight most of people start walking, however walking does not help only on losing weight. Exercise will help both our dog’s physical and mental health. Keeping your dog on exercise will keep his body and mind healthy. Usually dogs that do not exercise have behavioral problems and they become unhappy.

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