Injured mommy and her puppies found in a trash-hole

Moms always try to do their best for their children. I bet this momma had the same intention, but she couldn’t achieve her goals. She was found in a trash-hole, next to a market place in Udaipur, India. Apparently the shop-owner noticed the miserable conditions in which the little family was living on, and decided to help them a little bit. They called the animal rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited, to take a look at the conditions these dogs were breathing on, and also to cure the mamma dog who had injured her back leg and had some glass cuts.

Despite the pain mamma dog must have felt from the injuries, she stood up to greet the Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers as soon as they arrived. When the ambulance pulled up, she felt so excited and started to wig her tail. She apparently felt that someone was finally showing some love, and I can tell that dogs are able to sense that.

The Animal Aid drove the little family back to their shelter. Feed, cleaned and checked the little ones, and in the meantime they treated the injuries of their mamma. After being treated like never before, the little family was offered a comfortable and soft bed to take some rest. After sleeping on broken glass, and smelly trash the nap they took must have felt heavenly.

While the little family was taking some rest at the Animal Aid Unlimited, the “trashy-filled hole” which also was the dog’s home, got all cleaned up. The Animal Rescuers took out all the trash, put down a floor, and covered it with mats to make it all comfortable for the dogs.

After being treated at the Animal Aid Unlimited, it was time for the little family to get back to their brand-new house. The Animal rescuers made the shop owner promise that he would take a look at the dogs. It was the shop owner’s job to feed the dogs, make sure that they had fresh bedding, and to call the Animal Aid Unlimited immediately if the dogs need help ever again.

It is very sad to learn this, but there are millions of dogs in India who experience almost the same thing as this little family. These street-dogs have no home, have no owners, and still survive. Luckily for them there are a lot of people who try to do their best in order to offer these dogs a better life, with better conditions.

Source: The Dodo

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