10 Tips That Help To Keep Your Dog Away From Chewing Things

All dogs have a tendency to chew on things, whether they are a month old or 5 years. It must give them some kind of pleasure since they keep doing it no matter how much we keep trying to teach them not too.

Unfortunately for us, their favorite thing to chew on are shoes. It must be the smell lol. We will show you some guidelines, that hopefully will help to stop him on chewing things.

#1 Be attentive on what he does. That way you can protect and keep him out of trouble.

#2 When you leave him home alone, make sure he is contained in an secure area of the house that it is free of objects he can chew. But he can have his toys, and chew them on all day if he wants, as long as he keeps his teeth away from other things.

#3 Let him know you are there even when you are not. For example leave your scent behind, let the radio on etc. These keep’s your pup calm. And when they are not anxious they behave better.

#4 Make sure to keep out of his reach all the things he might have a desire to chew on. In these cases prevention is key.

#5 Buy them toys made from one piece. Many others have pieces that can fall off becoming a choking hazard if your puppy puts them in his mouth to chew.

#6 Teach them to be disciplined while they are still young, when their mind and character has not reached its maturity.

#7 If you happen to catch your dog chewing on something, correct his behavior by taking the thing away from him and then divert his attention on a toy he can chew.

#8 Don’t make the mistake of giving him old shoes and socks to chew, just to keep him away from your new ones. That teaches him nothing. They must learn that it is never okay to chew on shoes, ever.

#9 Test him, by putting objects he might find chewable but at the same time he knows are forbidden to him. See how he reacts, if he fall into the temptation or not. If he does, remind him he mustn’t.

#10 Keep him active. This will keep him from getting bored. Because we all have witnessed the mess they make when are bored.

What do you think?

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