Is medical marijuana good for your dog?

For a while we have been hearing more and more stories of dogs getting stoned. This could happen either by mistake when the dog accidentally ingests the pot, or when the owner does it on purpose. When dogs are high, they have almost the same symptoms like humans. These “weird cases” has been increasing ever since medial marijuana started getting used.

People have been more and more exposed to medical marijuana, and so have been their beloved dogs. Allow me to present you in this article what are the effects of medical marijuana in your dog’s health, and how does it affect its lifestyle.

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Many people have been asking themselves how does medical marijuana actually affect a dog. The answer is that medial marijuana does not affect in the same way a 5 lb Husky puppy, and a 80 lb grown-up Husky. The size of the dog plays an important role in this situation, but the concentration of the dog, and the time of the exposure to the smoke are critic. Whatsoever dogs, just like human get very hungry when they are high, and their level of nausea decreases. Sometimes the effects of the medical marijuana towards the dos are amazing; it helps them to sleep,and relax; makes them care-free for a little while. On the other hand dogs get really lazy when they are stoned, so their physical activity is not as intense, not to say that sometimes dogs don’t even want to move.

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The high exposure of dogs to medical marijuana has caused a lot of trouble for the veterinarians. They have seen a lot of cases when a dog has been stoned by mistake, or complete willingness. They have also seen and studied cases when a dog has been treated with medial marijuana for health problems. All three cases are different to analyse, and veterinarians do not know yet if medical marijuana is a right medicine to use for dogs. Studies haven’t been reveled yet so no one has stated for sure that medical marijuana is the right medicine to use for your dog in cases of emergencies. Although the world has known many cases when a dog owner has used medical marijuana instead of a pain killer, and it has worked for their dogs most of the time. It is not advised to get used, but neither has it been eliminated as a choice.

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AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) does not approve of medical marijuana to be used as pain reliever for pets of any kind. They want to wait, and have scientific results first. If medical marijuana is the solution for your dog’s pain, or nausea, there will come a time that even science can not deny it. As for now, we will stick with personal experiences. Just keep in mind that medical marijuana does not effect a puppy, in the same ways as a grown up dog. Be careful when you offer to your dogs medical marijuana because it could go bad, and you would not be happy at all.


This photo will provide some of the effects that medical marijuana has on your dogs. REMEMBER not all dogs can be effected in the same way. If you see any abnormal (worrying) attitude from your dogs please do not hesitate to take your dog to the veterinarian.


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