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Owner Fulfills Her Dying Dog’s Last Wish By Creating Fake Blizzard In Texas

In one of the regular check-ups that this owner sent her dog to the vet clinic, she was informed that something was wrong with her pooch. She was devastated and shocked to learn that her 12 year old dog had cancer. Due to this she had to put him down because the illness was advanced and aggressive causing him pain.

But she had to make her dogs last wish come true before saying goodbye to him forever. She remembered about a promise made a while ago that he would see snow again. To do so she had  to make the miracle happen on her own by using a snow machine to create fake blizzard.

She new that the Husky-German Shepherd-Chow mix loved playing in the snow since she was a little puppy back at the time she adopted him.

Thanks to the compassion and support of her community, after posting about her sad story, they were able to rent her a snow machine and brought it over her house.

Is was just wonderful…although the dog could not feel the cold and got confused the panorama was typical like a winter snowy day. And you could tell that the dog was enjoying every minute of it.

And all this came threw only with the help of this communities beautiful people. Making snow happen in the middle of the summer. Well if that is not magical I do not know what is.

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