Pit Bulls As Nanny Dog

For many years around 1800′s and into the early 1900′s in America, Pit Bulls were known as “The Nanny Dog” and were often in charge of babysitting the children. If you wanted your children kept safe, you got a Pit Bull because they are so loyal and protective.

Nobody’s gonna kidnap your baby when he is curled up with a Pitt Bull. Only in last year’s Pit Bull’s received a bad notoriety. This has happened because of bad marketing that was done to these dogs being used in the tourney to earn money through betting.

Another negative aspect was that there were cases where these dogs have attacked children, but they are very few in number. For the moment let’s enjoy some pictures of these Loyal dogs staying with children.

#1 Little Baby and his Guard

pit bull and baby

#2 Two little kids with their Pit Bull.

Image Source2 little kids with their pit bull

#3 A Pit Bull will be always there to protect kids.

Image SourceA pit Bull is always there to protect the kids

#4 Two little baby twins with their Pit friend!

Two little baby twins with thei Pit friend

#5 Loyal Pit Bull

Loyal Pit Bull

#6 They will be not there only to protect the kids, they are their best friends and can spent to many time together playing.

Via The Pet CollectivePlaying With pits

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