Siberian huskies as watch dogs

Here we present some informations about how Huskies are as a watch dogs.

Siberian huskies are awful watch dogs. Many people think that Siberian huskies are fierce dogs because they look like wolves, and people assume that Siberian huskies can be watch dogs.

Siberian huskies are more a lover dog than a fighter dog.
When Siberian Huskies confront a stranger they will probably run at him in a friendly way than do his job as a watch dog.

If you want a dog with aggressive guard-dog instincts then Siberian Huskies are not the right bread for you. Is not said that Siberian Huskies can’t be aggressive toward people because a dog’s behavior is determined both by genetics (breeding), as well as by training, socialization and past experiences.

Siberian huskies are not watch dogs, they don’t really bark but they will alert you, when unusual events occur close to home.

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