Starving And Sick Dog Wondering On The Street Might Turned Out To Be Something Else

This all began when a woman spotted what appeared to be a abandoned and very sick dog on the street. She took a moment to take a picture and send it to the animal rescue group. First thing they noticed was her species.

She appeared to be a wolf hybrid. Short after seeing the picture they were on their way to get her. Since she was sick it wasn’t hard to find her. When they took a look closer to her they realized that her health condition was way worse than they thought. She was all skin and bones under that thick coat of hers, bleeding and swollen from the infections.

She had a collar on her neck which indicates that she belonged to someone, whom had left her degrade to this condition. Of course the poor thing was scared to go near humans, that is why  one of the workers started offering her treats and eventually she did took the food.

After some good minutes they were able to put a leash on her a offer her some affection. They drove her directly to the vet were the neglect of her overall health was clear now.

After running several test on her, it turned out that she was suffering from demodectic mange which causes hair loss and inflamed skin. Her paws were swollen as well and her nails way to grown.

After giving her a medicated bath, they were able to see clearly her skin condition. She was extremely skinny and due to the water her scabs began to break down. She started bleeding, and as the blood rushed down with the dirt her fur changed color to black and yellow.

After cleaning her up, the suffered animal had already learned that these humans can be trusted. After spending a restful night in her own bad it was time to start her treatment.

After the worst day she had on the upcoming days she started eating well and feeling closer with the humans that saved her life. 980x-2

And she has her own way of showing the affection towards them. She rubes her head on them. It is so sweet to watch.

Although she is doing well some days are not as good. Due to her infections she sometimes has high fever or lost of appetite but in the hospital they are doing the best they can to make sure she will be okay.

Time is all she needs. Plus the teams intends to do a DNA test on her to find out if she is partly wolf or maybe just a rare husky mix. Either way the important thing here is her recovery and the love she is receiving from everyone.

She really is a special thing. Her eyes look so wise and calm at the same time. And to imagine that she is only 2 years old.

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