This Malamute isn’t ready just yet to leave the dog park

Do you ever have that feeling that dogs, no matter the age, can be just big babies most of the time? In this video this big Malamute baby will prove what i just said. Apparently the dog is so in love with the dog park, that for him is never the right time to leave. Maybe he is just too much of a hyper dog, and the park is the only place that he can go crazy, or he is such a social fellow that wants to play around with its pals. Even though his family knows how crazy he is about the park, they try to play a game with the babe. The sounds that the adorable dog makes look like a big “NOOOOOOOOOOOO.” The big baby is just having too much fun, and leaving the park so early is just too sad for him.

Source: BarkPost

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