This Sweet Lab Is The Only One That Can Calm Down His Crying Human Brother

As true as it is the fact that dogs do get jealous when a new sibling joins the family. Especially when this new sibling is a baby human one and not another pet is even harder to deal with. They feel neglected and unwanted. But this is not the case of this sweet Labrador that is determined to give her best shot on this whole big sister thing.

The lab is a star on the Instagram, where she has more than 10000 followers. Although she is new at being the older sister and does not really know what she has to do, seems that she is doing a good job so far.

The video below shows just that. When the baby starts crying she rushes back to see what is going on and apparently knows how to press all the right buttons, cause whatever she did, it worked. And even if it didn’t at least she showed that she does care about the well being of the baby.

Since the first day the Lab reacted pretty good once she found out that a new baby was on the way. Is like she knew they would grow to become BBF’s.

What she did not though about, was how much she would love the baby.

Whenever the baby goes, the dog is right there besides him to watch his back.

From the looks of it their friendship will grow brighter and closer every passing day.

What can be more adorable than this….a baby boy resting along with his big dog. Just adorable!

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