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This Toddler Gets A Lot More From His Dog Than Just The Kiss He Was Looking For

I never get tired of seeing cute babies hanging and playing around with their huge dogs. In this case the toddler in the video is surrounded by not one but two big Newfoundland dogs. And as he tries to be nice and affectionate towards them, mostly after being pushed by his dad to do so, as he leans to give the brown Newfoundland a kiss, he ends up getting much more than that.this-toddler-gets-a-lot-more-from-his-dog-than-just-the-kiss-he-was-looking-for

Sure dogs are always way too sociable, the huge dog starts to lick his entire face. After that is like the toddler is in shock. He can not decide if he liked that or not, so goes for another round where of course the same scenario happens. It is so funny looking the toddlers reactions…

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