When your dog seeks attention

Dogs adore being in your companionship and to please you, so it is natural that they require your attention. However, you should not  pay excessive attention as you may encounter problems in the future.

1-Bad behavior

Often dogs require attention as well as our love. Persistent or intelligent dogs know how to achieve this, but sometimes they may have excessive behavior. Many dogs require our unconditional attention constantly barking, jumping pupthi, biting ropes, stealing items, following their tails or even aggressive behavior. In fact, misconduct to seek our attention is a problem even for the experts .


2-What to do

Dogs can be trained for their behavior, but this education requires effort and time. To begin with, you should recognize behaviors that your dog uses to attract attention. Eg. barking  when he is home alone. This annoying habit is often ignored, doing so  your dog will bark even more. The barking continues without a break because: a ) achieves its goal, you now pay attention to the dog; and b ) ductile behavior is ignored and rarely rewarded for its positivity. By understanding these simple principles it will be easier to correct their behavior.


3-Basic training

In general, dogs need to learn and practice basic obedience exercises, especially command ” Sit ” , ” Down ” , ” Stay” and ” Up “. It is also important to be consistent. We must teach them the above commands before to fill the whims of attention, cuddles, food or games in order for them to learn how to control emotions when you are around other people.


4-Tie … to have control

Dogs that jump and run away from you, should be kept tied to prevent any potential problems. Better to tie before than after it begins bad behaviors. Eg. If your dog is jumping over the guests, tie  before you open the door in order to check and correct wrong behavior.


5-Stimulate  your dog

Dogs that seek your attention with persistence, can have  physical or mental lack of incentive. Should offer him little attention very  often during the day, and in cases when you are unable to deal with him  you should teach the signs that indicate that you are ignoring (turn the back, avoid eye contact, do not touch, do not talk etc). All contacts with your dog must start and must end from you.


6-Reward your dog

Dogs learn very quickly how to behave, if his behavior is “good” will be rewarded and  “bad” ignored. If the problem persists, ask your veterinarian for assistance or reference to any other specialist, especially if your dog becomes aggressive.
Through nonsense, hesitation and a lot of patience, you might teach your dog proper behavior and to be less dependent from you.


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