Wolf Dogs Sharing Love and Kisses

Wolf dogs sharing love and kisses

Who thinks that wolf dogs are scary haven’t seen this video.
Whenever I would see wolf dogs, even from a distance I would literally cross to the other side of the street. Seriously, I reacted this way every time and it didn’t mattered if they were leashed or not. Maybe is their wolfy face, their size and hey, have you seen their teeth? I mean common they are huge and scary.

But who know that they could be sweet and loving. I definitely did not. When I saw this video it changed my whole perspective on wolf dogs. Here they can not stop jumping up and down and howling from joy of seeing their owner. All you see in the video  is their tongues leaking the camera lol, it is so hilarious. They are so happy seeing their owner that they smother her in hugs and kisses so much, they can not be contained. The beauty of all this is that they greet her this way every single day. Can you imagine that. We as human don’t show that kind of enthusiasm even after seeing a loved one after years let alone share that much love every day. You might even learn something after watching wolf dogs sharing love and kisses in this video.

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