10 Of The Angriest Animals You Will Ever See

Angriest Animals

To our surprise animals are not happy 24/7. Somehow we have created the idea that since animals do not have work schedules they have to run to or stress of any kind they must be the happiest creatures ever lived on this earth.
The truth is that animals get angry too, very angry actually. And if you still are in doubt and don’t believe me than scroll the list below showing 10 of the angriest animals ever seen.

#1 You know I get thirsty often…Haven’t I told you to never leave my bowl empty.

angriest animals

#2 As angry as he might be, I can not stop and think that he is still adorable even when in bad mood.

#3 Isn’t this little guy a copy of Hitler in fish form?

#4 Seems like an evil master plan is about to be executed.

#5 – ‘Do as I say and you will live’ said the evil Husky on the back of a car.

#6 Who dared to upset the little puppy huh!

#7 As much as I love animals, I doubt this cat would look cute even in good mood.

#8 Someone must have eaten his food…I can not think of any other reason, lol.

#9 When you have had it with people’s bullshit and feel like your going to explode, that is how much anger you are holding inside.

#10 Meet the Satan transformed into a cat. LOL