Banner, The Super Hero Service Dog Uses Cosplay To Educate Children About Service Dogs

This big boy here is a service dog for people with invisible disabilities. The whole idea of dressing up like a super hero, using cosplay was born wanting to educate people and especially children about service dogs that help disabled people, as well as an anti bullying campaign.
During 2016 a book was published as  cosplay wih the photos of the service dog on a super hero costum. With this, their message is very clear. Although people from the outside might look as they are doing fine, the truth might be totally different.

Unfortunately, there is little information about service dog and the one that you might find turn’s out to be inaccurate. These photos are posted on social media periodically, hoping they will help educate people further more about the wonders that service dogs do.

Scroll down to see some of the service dog photos on varies super hero outfits.