10 Adorable Pics Of Big Dogs Little Dogs Friendship

big dogs little dogs

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can not help but smile when you see the unique friendship of big dogs little dogs. We have seen friendships between dogs, but these relationships that we are showing below are really adorable.

In this case apparently the opposite poles attracted, and have created some unbreakable bonds. I think that the huge dog is the protector, while the tiny one is the entertainer. See it for yourself and give your opinion about these big and small dog friendships!

Lovely Canine friendship

#1- What more can these two ask for? Friendship and love is all they need

#2- I told you that big and small dogs make the perfect couple. The tiny one is sleeping  while the big one is guarding.

big dogs little dogs

#3- It is not his fault that he is tiny and can’t handle the big walk. He needs some kind of transportation for a quicker trip!

big dogs little dogs

#4- Spooning is their favorite thing to do! These smiley faces say it all!

big dogs little dogs

#5- He needs some company in his new adventure. And this little buddy needs a backpack to stick into. I think we can all agree that things will go better this way, and both of them will enjoy their selves!

big dogs little dogs

#6- Only they can understand each-other. They will not allow anyone else to break their bond, or come in between their inside jokes!

big dogs little dogs

#7- Who told you that different size dogs can’t play together? Take a look at these two before you draw any conclusions. I don’t know about you but I think that they are having the time of their life!

Big Dogs Little-Dogs

#8- There’s always room for your best buddy. And if he is a special someone they always tend to stay closer. Side by side is their favorite because they feel safer and happier!

#9- Look each-other eye to eye if you want to have a long-lasting healthy friendship. Look at these two for more information!

#10- They look so much alike you can think of them as if they were twins!


What do you think?

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